Dayz servers shutdown

Priorities have changed back to game deving.

I am repurposing my dedicated server to host my upcoming game.

Thank you for playing on my server.

Server is Live…

After a small hiatus, the server is back on track. I decided to give the new map Esseker a try and I hope you enjoy playing on it. There is still some work that needs to be done to finalize the server but for the most part it is good to go.

Enjoy your stay on my server and most importantly have fun!

Dayz 1.12

If you have been playing on the server, you must have noticed it’s been offline for a few days. The new update glitched a few mods and most of the data was lost. Since most mods were not working, I decided to wait a few days to attempt to fix it. Server should be back online by Monday the 26th.

Thank you for your patience and sorry for any inconvenience.

Server health

The server is seeing some activity which is quite exciting. Met with one of our players tonight and he seemed to be having a good time.

All player suggestions are welcome.

There is an increased animal and zombie cap. (500 and 2500)

I have yet to see how the server will handle so many entities with a lot of players.

All and all, seems gud.

Website under construction

With the completion of the web server interface comes the time to begin work populating the site. It is a relief to know my current interface is stable.

In the coming weeks, I shall endeavor to share my experience and perspective as a solo Unity game dev. In the meantime, thank you very much for visiting my site.

Cordially, Rumpelstompskin.

The beginning of a journey

Hello and welcome to my game dev adventure. It is my hope that having this website will help me document my progress as I make my way into the exciting world of game making.